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Event list

2023 (in progress)

  • 9th March:Italian Design Day
    • workshop of the collective WAR Warehouse of Architecture and Research (Riga Technical University, Riga)
    • photo exhibition “Light on Made in Italy” (Riga Technical University, Riga)
  • 10th March:participation of the Italian artists Gianluca Arienti and Marco Poma to the Symposium of Mark Rothko Centre for Contemporary Art (Centro Rothko, Daugavpils)
  • 11th March:concert “Europa Suite” and fundraising for Ukraine (Sala Spikeri, Riga)
  • 28th April:musical performance “Spleen Machine” by Alex Braga to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Mark Rothko Center for Contemporary Art (Rothko Centre, Daugavpils)
  • 15th May:participation of prof. Andrea Cappelli to the Conference CONECT on sustainable Technologies (Riga Technical University, Riga)
  • 22nd May:rally of vintage cars and gastronomic event “Primavera italiana” (Maniero di Abgunste, Jelgava)
  • 2nd June-26th October:photo exhibition “What is Europe to you?” by Lisa Borgiani (Riga Technical University, Riga)
  • 8th July:concert by Mario Biondi during Summertime festival (Sala Dzintari, Jurmala)
  • 5th August:activities for children on the Italian language during “Riga’s Summer of Courage and Joy” festival by L’ITALII school (Plavenieki, Riga)



  • 27th January: projection of the movie “Gli sci di Primo Levi” for Holocaust Memorial Day (Memoriale Zanis Lipke, Riga)
  • 23rd March: conference by the architect Stefano Fontana entitled “Velasca: una maniglia fra passato e futuro” for Italian Design Day (Riga Technical University, Riga)
  • 29th April: promotion event of the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin with a mini-concert of Citi Zeni (Riga International Airport, Riga)
  • 1st July:  Valentina Fin Trio concert during Rigas Ritmi festival (Riga Jazz Lounge, Riga)
  • 28th-30th July: four projections of Italian contemporary cinema during Kuldiga Piano festival (Cultural Centre of the municipality, Roja)
  • 10th September:  concert by Fabrizio Rat during Kuldiga Piano festival (Vieta Centre, Kuldiga)
  • 22nd September: participation of the writer Francesca Cavallo at Novatore Impact Summit (Hanzas Perons, Riga)
  • 10th–15th October: Italian Language Week in Latvia
    • Workshop “Italian cinema and the invention of young people” by Dr. Giuseppe Previtali (Riga Technical University, Riga)
    • Workshop “Young people and environment” by prof. Francesco Romagnoli (Riga Technical University, Riga)
    • Lecture “Italy and Latvia. Bilateral relations between the two wars” by Dr. Rosario Napolitano (Riga Technical University, Riga)
    • Workshop “Italian stereotypes. History of an imaginary country” by Dr. Giulio Lo Bello (Riga Technical University, Riga)
    • Double lectio magistralis by prof. Remo Morzenti Pellegrini, Vice President of the National School of Administration (Riga Technical University, Riga)
    • Presentation of the Latvian translation of “Ragazzi di vita” by Pier Paolo Pasolini, on the centenary of the author’s birth (Cinema Splendid Palace, Riga)
  • 15th – 23rd October: retrospective dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini, on the centenary of his birth, with four screenings included in the Riga International Film Festival (Cinema Splendid Palace, Riga)
  • 12th-13th November: “Incanti” illusion show (“Mystero” Theatre-Museum of Illusionism, Riga)
  • 21st – 25th November: activities of the Professional Training Center of Como on the occasion of the Week of Italian Cuisine in Latvia (Castle of Rundale and other places, Jelgava)
  • 6th – 8th December: “NICE” contemporary Italian film festival with six screenings, press conference and two masterclasses (Cinema Splendid Palace, Riga)
  • 9th December: XY Quartet concert as part of the “Art of Riga Jazz” series of the “Rigas Ritmi” festival (VEF Culture Palace, Riga)
  • 18th December: Verdi concert “I Racconti di Sant’Agata” (Stock Exchange Museum, Riga).


2021 and before

If you are looking for information about events from previous years, you can write us an email.