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Theatre show “Crossed Destinies”

The Embassy of Italy in Latvia celebrates Italo Calvino’s 100th birth anniversary with an original theatre show for kids, “Crossed Destinies”. Written and directed by Italian director Gianluca Barbadori and played by young italian-latvian artist Dante Pezzoli, the show reinterprets some of the most recurring themes in Calvino’s work, such as fate, identity and choices, through magic and tarots. 

“With his unmistakable mix of levity and depth, Calvino is a modern classic of contemporary literature, whose works have been translated in the Baltic Countries as well” stressed Alessandro Monti, Ambassador of Italy to Latvia. “This original project aims at showing also younger generations the magic of Italian culture”. 

The show will premiere on Sunday 17th September at Theatre “Mystero” in Riga. 



The show is in Latvian. Tickets are available on FIENTA.