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Cultural diplomacy

Culture is an essential element of Italian international identity and it represents a tangible and intangible heritage to be drawn upon in order to face the challenges of contemporary life. It includes Italian language, as a treasure from the past and bridge to the future, visual arts and performing arts, the preservation and enhancement of the artistic, archaeological and cultural heritage, scientific research, design, food and wine.

Italy promotes these aspects with a unified approach called “promozione integrata”, that means multidimensional or integrated promotion: it aims to offer to the international audience a multi-faceted and updated portrait of our country so to reflect the dynamism and creativity of today’s Italy.

Cultural and Integrated diplomacy plays a fundamental role for Italian foreign policy and represents one of the principal instruments of external projection of our country. For this reason, the Embassy of Italy in Riga organizes events and initiatives to promote our culture and the country as a whole in Latvia with exhibitions, concerts, artist residences, fairs and much more.

Proposals for initiatives

If you have a proposals for an event or initiative that you want to organize in Latvia and you think our Embassy could get involved , you can write an email to our Cultural Affairs and Promotion of Italy Office. We will evaluate it on the basis of our calendar of events, on our budget, on our priorities and we will let you know our response as soon as possible.

In this Section.

Browsing around this section you can:

  • check the list of the past events organised or supported by our Embassy in the last years;
  • learn more about financial grants to schools, universities and publishing houses;
  • get some information on studying in Italy and scholarships;
  • find news on how to study Italian in Latvia.

In the links below you can find some background information on the cultural and integrated diplomacy activity of Italy in the world.