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Open lecture by artist Franz Cerami in Riga

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The Italian artist will meet the students of the Art Academy of Latvia at the end of his “artist in residence” experience at the Embassy of Italy. Riga will be included in his digital artwork “Pink City”. 

Press release

On 23 November 2023, Italian contemporary artist Franz Cerami will deliver an open lecture for the students of the Art Academy of Latvia: during the event, the artisti will present some of his main works and discuss his vision on the topic of city narrations. The initiative is supported by the Embassy of Italy in Riga, which promoted the presence of Cerami in Riga in the framwork of an “artist in residence” programme. Riga will be featured in 2024 in Cerami’s running artwork “Pink City”, that the artist has already brought to 15 cities around the world.

“Contemporary art is an extraordinary tool to promote today’s Italy” underlines Ambassador of Italy to Latvia Alessandro Monti. “Cerami brings to Riga his unique and creative point of view: he will shed an unusual and original light on the Baltic capital”.

The artist Cerami adds: “Riga is a small European capital where ancient tradition and contemporary languages converge. It will be an exciting addition to Pink City. At the Art Academy of Latvia I will discuss with the students about one of the central themes of my work: the relationship between cities and their narrations. We will reflect on how urban spaces (and non-urban spaces, too) are shaped differently according to the point of view of their visitors and inhabitants”.

Franz Cerami was born in Naples in 1963. He has been the protagonist of numerous exhibition both in Italy and abroad: his works focus on the interaction between art and technology. He created “Pink City” in 2019: the installation, which also features videomapping components, has so far been re-created in four Italian cities and eleven foreign ones, including Paris, Sao Paulo, Avana and Kuala Lumpur. Two of Cerami’s works are also part of the Farnesina Collection, the contemporary art collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy.

Info and registrations

The open lecture is scheduled for Thursday 23 November 2023 at 16:20. It will take place at the Art Acadmy of Latvia in the K2 hall. More info are available on our Facebook event page.