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Operation “Baltic Guardian” Italian contingent in Latvia celebrated yesterday the National Unity and Armed Forces Day at the NATO base in Camp Adazi at the presence of Ambassador of Italy in Latvia, Alessandro Monti.

During the ceremony, Amb. Monti joined contingent commander Lt. Col. Federico Mora in laying a wreath to the monument honouring the fallen and delivered a short address to underline the invaluable contribution Italian Armed Forces lend to the cause of peace and security in Europe and in the world.

“In such a meaningful day, when we remember the end of First World War, the completion of our National Unity and all those who lost their lives fighting for our country” he continued, “we are reminded of the value of peace and the high price it comes at. Italian military presence in Latvia is a concrete sign of our commitment to Allied solidarity and cohesion. Security and deterrence are key especially in these grave times of international crisis”.

Italy contributes to the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group (eFP) in Latvia with 250 soldiers and more than 130 land vehicles, all coming from the Bersaglieri Brigade “Garibaldi”. In addition to be an important instrument of deterrence, the deployment of NATO troops in Latvia offers military personnel from the 11 contributing countries a precious occasion for prolonged joint training.