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Italy condemns in the strongest possible terms Russia’s unjustified and unprovoked aggression against Ukraine, which is a blatant violation of international law and humanitarian principles. Italy reaffirms its full support of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, complete sovereignty and independence within its internationally recognised borders. Italy actively joins the European and Atlantic community in its efforts in favour of Ukraine. Italy fully supports Ukraine’s European path and it has contributed actively in the process that lead to the attribution to Kyiv of the “EU Candidate” status.


Here is what Italy is doing to help Ukraine.


The complete list of all actions undertaken by the Italian Government is available

on the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation: click here.



  • Italy has sent both lethal and non-lethal military materials to Ukraine, in accordance with the needs of its armed forces. The Italian Government has approved five robust military material shipments so far.
  • Italy is contributing € 390 million for the assistance measures in favour of Ukraine activated through the European Peace Facility.
  • Italy has increased its presence in NATO operations and activities in the land, sea and air domains – including its participation in the enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group “Latvia” based in Camp Adazi. Italy contributes is part of eFP BG Latvia with 250 soldiers from the Italian Army. The complete list of Italy’s activity in NATO after the invasion of Ukraine is available here.



  • Italy has adopted an unprecedented set of sanctions against Russia and Belarus, in line with the decisions taken with partners at the G7 and European Union levels. The complete lists of sanctions enforced by Italy is available here.
  • Italy is actively pursuing the complete isolation of Russia at the international level, including in multilateral fora such as the United Nations. The complete list of foreign policy initiatives undertaken by Italy is available here.



  • Italy has joined 40+ international partners in deferring the situation in Ukraine to the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, so to speed up investigations about alleged war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed in the country.
  • Italy has contributed € 500.000 as voluntary contribution for the Trust Fund established by the International Criminal Court Prosecutor
  • and has expressed its readiness to deploy Italian experts to take part in the investigations. Italy has also increased its contribution for the Court’s Trust Funds for Victims.
  • Italy has repeatedly affirmed its support for Ukraine’s application instituting proceedings against Russia before the International Court of Justice under the 1948 Genocide Convention. Last 15 September Italy, invoking article 63 of the Court’s Statute, officially filed a declaration of intervention in the said case.
  • Italy has requested leave to intervene as third party in the proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights concerning Ukraine’s allegations of mass and gross human-rights violations committed by the Russian Federation in its military operations.



  • Italy has allocated more than € 800 million to support Ukrainian refugees arriving in the country. Since the beginning of the invasion, around 173 million refugees have arrived in Italy.
  • Italy has activated an extraordinary coordination procedure together with Ukrainian consuls in Rome, Milan and Naples with regard to information sharing about unaccompanied minors coming to Italy from Ukraine. The Italian Government has also activated an ad-hoc Working Group on minors fleeing Ukraine with the collaboration of UNHCR, UNIEF and WMO.
  • Italy is providing Ukrainian refugees with reliable and regular televised news broadcasts through RaiNews24 – the Italian State Broadcaster RAI’s all-news channel.



  • Italy is contributing more than € 40 million for humanitarian assistance operations in Ukraine carried out by the UN, the
  • International Red Cross Committee and Italian NGOs.
  • Italy has provided more than 46 tons of humanitarian goods to be used in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries through the Italian Cooperation, Italian Red Cross and Italian NGOs. Additional materials such as tents, camp beds, camp kitchens, camp hospitals, sleeping bags, ambulances and vehicles have been provided by the Italian Fire Department and Civil Protection.



  • Italy has contributed € 110 million for the Ukraine State Budget.
  • Italy has provided a € 200 million loan at privileged conditions to Ukraine’s budget. It is specifically meant for Ukraine to pay wages of employees in the education sector.



  • Italy has established a special € 500.000 fund for assisting Ukrainian students, researchers and professors currently taking part in activities and projects in Italian universities and research centres.
  • Italy has allocated € 1 million to support the inclusion of schoolchildren coming from Ukraine in Italian schools.
  • Italy has adopted a special € 2 million programme aimed at supporting Ukrainian artists through residency programmes.
  • Italy is cooperating with the Ukrainian institutions and international partners so to safeguard endangered Ukrainian cultural heritage sites and goods.


The complete list of all actions undertaken by the Italian Government is available on the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign
Affairs and International Cooperation: click here.


Further inquiries can be directed to the Embassy of Italy in Latvia: