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15 September 2016
Riga Food 2016

The efforts made by the Embassy of Italy have paid back! The pavillon “ITALIA”, organized for the first time, for Izstāde RigaFood has been a great success, thanks to the valuable contribution of “Ferrero”, “Barilla”, “San Benedetto” e “Prosecco Valdo” and the presence of Piemonte region and SMI, such as “Caseificio Marandino”, “Italian goodness”, consorzio […]

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30 August 2016
25th Anniversary of the diplomatic relations

Today, August 30, 2016, is celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the restoration of the diplomatic relations between Italy and Latvia.In fact, on 30th august 1991, 25 years ago, the agreement for the re-establishment of the diplomatic relations between the two countries was signed.

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29 August 2016
Earthquake in Italy

The Italian Embassy in Riga informs you that bank accounts of Marche, Lazio and Umbria region have been activated for donations in favour of people affected by the earthquake. Lazio region Receiver: Regione Lazio per Amatrice e Accumoli (Lazio region for Amatrice and Accumoli) Bank account number (IBAN): IT 60 P 02008 05255 000104428939 More […]

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26 August 2016
Central Italy earthquake. Slow Food`s initiative: “Un futuro per Amatrice”

Slow food Association, with the annex, has launched an international solidarity campaign to sustain Italian people affected by the earthquake on 24th August. Slow Food asks the restaurant owners to put pasta all`amatriciana in theri menu for an enitre year, and to donate 2 euro to Amatrice for each amatriciana served. It is a genuuine initiative, […]

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25 August 2016
Earthquake emergency

The number +39-06-82888850 for the earthquake emergency has been activated  

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11 August 2016
Concert of the orchestra Coin du Roi at the castle of Rundale

According to the efforts to promote the Italian culture in all its aspects, the Embassy of Italy was glad to collaborate with Latvijas Koncerti to the concert performed by the Italian orchestra Coin du Roi at the castle of Rundale on Wednesday 11 July. The wonderful location and the skill of the musicians and their […]

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10 August 2016
Expressions of interest for Port System Authorities

4 August 2016 – It will start today, with the publication of the specific notice of call, the collection of expressions of interest forthe role of Presidents of the 15 Port System Authorities. The notice of call refers to the Legislative Decree on “ the reorganization, rationalization and simplification of Port Authorities’ legislative framework , […]

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8 August 2016
Luca Ciarla`s concert

The Italian violist`s, Luca Ciarla, concert took place at St. Peter`s Church, one of the most majestic in Riga, on 28th July. His excellent performance was appreciated by a large audience, made up of local authorities and members of the Italian comunity.  

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3 August 2016
OSCE chairmanship 2018

Italy will have the OSCE charmanship in the year 2018.

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27 July 2016
Cervinara (Avellino) municipal election

The document only concerns Italian people.

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