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Every year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy offers some financial contributions in order to promote the translation of Italian books and audiovisual contents into foreign languages.

For the current year, the following grants are available:
– financial grants for the translation into Latvian or Russian and publication of Italian fiction and non-fiction works to be released in Latvia (either in printed or digital form) after August 1, 2023;
– financial grants for the dubbing or subtitling into Latvian or Russian of Italian films, short films and TV-series intended for mass media circulation to be released in Latvia after August 1, 2023.

Only some categories of entities can apply for this kind of grants:
– translators;
– publishers;
– production firms;
– distribution firms;
– subtitling firms;
– dubbing firms;
– literary agents and agencies;
– cultural or international institutions.

Entities interested in applying for translation grants are required to get in contact with the Culture and Promotion Office of the Embassy of Italy in Riga via email:

The deadline for submititng applications is May 5, 2023.