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Courses provided by Italian university taught in English: Postgraduate Specialisation and Advance Professional Training courses, PhD Programs and winter&summer school.

CRUI (conference of deans of the Italian Universities) and CRUI Foundation have updated the previous survey (2012) on the courses entirely taught in English provided by Italian universities. This survey came up to be one of the most important sources of information, especially for the international students interested in studying in Italian universities, but also a good marketing tool for the Italian system of high education.

The study has supplied very useful information on English courses provided by Italian university system, but you can find more on the Universitaly website.

The post-degree education taught in English of the Italian universities for the 2016/2017 consists of 682 courses by 60 athenaeums; the result clearly indicates a majority of PhD Programs (271), followed by Winter/Summer school (219) and Postgraduate Specialisation and Advanced Professional Training Courses (192).

With regards to disciplines, the greatest number of courses are available for “Economics and statistics” and “Industrial and information engineering”. Disciplines with less available courses are “Earth science” and “History, philosophy, literary studies, art history”.

The framework denotes a serious course offering result of an aware pedagogy planning. The reason behind this planning are different, but it is clear that is the most significant way to internationalize the Italian high education system.